Core Short (Unisex)

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The Core Short provides lift for the hips and legs while swimming - simulating the lift of a wetsuit, and mimicking the feeling of using a pull-buoy. For triathletes, training with the Core Short will provide a seamless transition to wetsuit swimming in open water- getting you ready for race day. For pool swimmers, the Core Short is essentially a wearable, improved pull-buoy: it improves every swim stroke, allows natural kick and hip rotation, and flip-turns are easier.

Designed with the same top-end materials as our Helix Wetsuits, the Core Short is durable and able to withstand hours of pool and open-water use. It is designed to be worn over a swimsuit.

Sizing is based on Waist Size: XS = 28 , S = 30 , M = 32, L = 34 , XL = 36 

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